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Dr Amir Saifi is a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist with a wealth of expertise in the field. Having worked at prestigious institutions like Fortfy, Etica, Oasis, and currently ThePhysiofx, he has accumulated diverse clinical experiences that have contributed to his professional growth. Dr Saifi holds a Physiotherapy diploma from UMALOK Hospital and a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy from IIMT University in Meerut.With a career spanning several years, Dr Amir Saifi has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of physiotherapy techniques and their application. His commitment to patient care and rehabilitation is evident in his work. His compassionate and empathetic demeanour allows him to establish a strong rapport with his patients and provide them with the best possible care.During his two-year tenure at Fortfy, Dr Saifi gained valuable experience treating various musculoskeletal conditions, working closely with all ages and backgrounds . He employed evidence-based practices and tailored treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each individual, focusing on restoring mobility, reducing pain, and improving overall functionality.His one-year stint at Etica allowed Dr Saifi to expand his knowledge and skills further. To deliver comprehensive patient care, he collaborated with a multidisciplinary team, including physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. Dr Saifi's expertise was particularly valuable in post-operative rehabilitation, where he played a crucial role in helping patients recover and regain their independence.At Oasis, Dr Saifi specialized in sports physiotherapy, catering to athletes and sports enthusiasts. He was responsible for customizing treatment programs to address sports-related injuries, enhance performance, and prevent future injuries. His hands-on approach and in-depth knowledge of sports medicine played a vital role in optimizing athletes' recovery and enabling them to return to their respective sports with confidence.Dr Amir Saifi is affiliated with ThePhysiofx, where he continues providing exceptional care to his patients. With his extensive experience and diverse background, he remains dedicated to staying updated with the latest advancements in physiotherapy. Dr Saifi consistently strives for excellence in his practice, ensuring that his patients receive the highest quality care and achieve optimal outcomes.In conclusion, Dr Amir Saifi is a respected and accomplished physiotherapist known for his dedication to patient well-being. With his educational background, extensive experience, and commitment to professional growth, he has established himself as a prominent figure in physiotherapy. Patients who seek his services can rest assured that they are in capable and caring hands.

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